Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4
OS: 2.5
Memory: 16 GB RAM
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Just Cause 4 Review

One of the best action series is back! This time Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist of all Just Cause games, enters the mysterious Solis, an island country in South America, to find out that this mission is very personal to him. So expect a lot of spectacular action in a picturesque world embracing different biomes and a large territory with surprises.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

For those new, to Just Cause the game will look like a masterpiece of graphics, with avalanches, tropical forests, fast chases, explosions, and realistic characters. But if you’re familiar with the series, you may have your reasons to see it as a downgrade, having seen this all better made in the previous installment. Relax: projects of this class often provoke too high expectations, and it’s OK to disappoint those who anticipate miracles. Well, the game is enormous anyway, so take care to prepare 60 GB on your drive.

Controls 7/10

Though Rico Rodrigues will lead you through a lot of adventures, using lots of lands, water, and air vehicles, the control system is mostly the same. Though there are some ambiguous solutions: for example when riding a vehicle, you use Shift as a handbrake; but on a plane, Shift activates throttling up, and in helicopter mode, this button is meant for climbing. The only way to get over this illogicality is memorizing instead of brooding. The gamepad is a good cure for it, if you own one. If not, think of purchasing: it will refresh the experience completely.

Gameplay 10/10

The story of Rico Rodriguez is never dull. This time this freelance agent enters Solis, a dictator state somewhere in South America, to turn this government down. It just takes a military coup, because the government only rests on the army. At the same time, Rodrigues gets to know that the mystery of this island has something to do with his family history. The business gets personal.

So you’re lead through your core mission with a chain of quests, though you can take your time to walk around and enjoy the natural riches of Solis. The developers made it an enormous open world, with different climatic zones and biomes, and (though graphics can be criticized) it still looks great.

But the action is still greater. With exciting weaponry and various vehicles to drive, you have to get Rico through his mission. And this long spectacular firework is certainly worth your time.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Open world games are always highly explorable, and even after your core mission is complete, there’s still much left unseen in Solis. So there are square miles of reasons to return it after the finish. You can polish your skills to get more perfect results as well (especially if your failures are caused by default controls).


Though the newest Just Cause installment is a bit controversial, it’s still worth playing, if you’re into action games. Anyway, it’s one of those games available for PC in our era of console exclusives, so it’s worth your attention. But don’t forget to free some space on your drive and get a gamepad before you crash your keyboard and throw the mouse out of the window.


  • Mouse/keyboard controls are terribly illogical
  • Graphics may disappoint if you expected a step ahead


  • Great action elements
  • Open world with various biomes
  • A long story to tell

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 7

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 8

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