Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction
Author: ZuoMasterDeveloper
Size: 34M
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Creative Destruction Review

Creative Destruction is an enthralling sandbox survival game with one goal to destruct everything on your way. Start with a parachuting to the unknown island together with 99 your competitors and survive in the death fights, exploring the map with 13 lands on it.

Graphics and Sound 9/10

The game is pure joy when it comes to graphics. Everything is so smooth, and there are fascinating lands waiting for you. It is even weird how great developers created such a huge map on a small screen, saving every detail on its place.

Everything from characters, their outfits, weapon, and to the bright explosions are well-organized and looks somewhat attractive. Meanwhile, the sound is pretty impressive as well, especially considering that the game is for mobiles.

Controls 10/10

Control system is standard in Creative Destruction. The game is navigated by virtual joysticks. Left is responsible for moving, right for changing the view. If you don’t like you 3rd person view, change it to the 1st one, using such an option.

Objectives in the game may be familiar to you if you have already played any other crafting sandbox games. Your main goal is to stay alive, armed with weapons you picked, surrounded by enemies. After a while map begins to narrow down, which is explained by a severe snowstorm that is coming. Watch for chests that appear on the map so you can collect deadly weapon and other awesome items.

Gameplay 10/10

The concept of the game is pretty standard. You jump from the sky among others and need to survive using a weapon of your choice. The first difference from many other battle royales or survivals is that the first time you jump, you land into the tutorial. You receive a guide named Hammer who walks you through the game showing everything around. You can skip the tutorial, but we advise you rather not.

After the tutorial, you go right into the menu, where you see gold you own, can learn the navigation or chat with other gamers. By the way, you can sign yourself into the guild, which will make the game a little bit easier and allow your friends to join you. This option may change the strategy and bring some new experience.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

There are so many things to explore in the game, it is a shame it doesn’t last forever. Still, you can always come back to it. Choose other missions you take part in, join or not guilds, fight alone or together with somebody, pick pistols instead of a shotgun or sniper rifle.

You can use your gold any way you like in the mall. If you feel like building something creative, go and build bastions that will protect you. Remember, you will have to protect everything you created. Yet, you may always come back to it.


Creative Destruction was made to spend a great time killing everyone, fighting for your life, enjoying the fascinating beauty of nature around. The game is not hard to understand and easy to get addicted. Smooth graphics, realistic sounds and a clever story behind – are main reasons to check the game out.


  • Everyone can destroy you
  • Too easy to get destructed by its awesomeness and get killed


  • It is fun
  • It is beautiful
  • There are lots of things to destroy

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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