Star Stable Horses

Star Stable Horses
Author: Star Stable Entertainment AB
Size: 79M
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Star Stable Horses Review

Virtual farms and mobile Tamagotchi games have become something usual today. Star Stable Horses combines best of the two worlds, with beautiful graphics and easy gameplay. This stable simulator will be a source of joy in your pocket for anyone fascinated by horses.

Graphics and Sound 8/10

Games like this are rarely photorealistic. The designers rather intend to make everything beautiful like a fairytale episode. And they succeed. With all the actions very conventional, drawn with strikes, the horses look even more alive than the people you will rarely meet. The stable looks pastoral, quiet and colorful, and any horse you select, of any breed or suit, will perfectly fit in.

Controls 10/10

There’s simply nothing to learn for an experienced player, but the developers acknowledged that Star Stable Horses will be played by kids as well, and many of them have little or no experience of mobile gaming. So all the controls are as intuitive as can be. If you need to feed or wash the horse, just drag the hay, the apples, or the water and the scrub onto it. When some action needs a more specific reaction, you’re shown explicitly what you’re supposed to do to get your horse satisfied. You just need to follow.

Gameplay 10/10

As you’ve understood, the game centers around horses you keep in the stable. Your aim is promoting your horses to a higher level, and in order to do this, you need to keep it well fed, trained, and satisfied. All of these conditions require actions you take; luckily, they’re all available from the task section. First, it seems easy to feed the horse, give it water and sweets, train it or groom it. But later the requirements grow, and stars get harder to earn.

As you promote the horse, it takes more efforts and more time to take it to the next level. Horses get hungry and thirsty, dirty and tired (yet still beautiful), and you’re to take care of all this. The process seems to have no end, as the developers introduce new breeds, new themes, and missions constantly.

Last but not least, you can have more than one horse. But it takes more care and more time, so think twice before you get another one.

Lasting Appeal 10/10

These games only get more appealing as you advance. Any next level requires more activities, but your efforts get paid. As you reach Level 10, you can go online from your PC to show off your stable to your friends. And yes, you’ll spend even more time keeping care, but that’s where it gets social, and thus, even more, appealing and keeping you attached.


A great relaxing game, with no conflicts and no confrontation, is both fun for kids and meditative for adults. Having a virtual stable is great. The game doesn’t require as much care as its neighing characters. It runs greatly even on old devices with dated Android version.


  • The game lacks a story
  • If you let it loose, you may spend too much real money on virtual stable


  • Beautiful horses
  • Easy to master
  • New features on new levels
  • Online mode available after Level 10
  • Low system requirements

Graphics and Sound 8

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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