Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word
Author: Microsoft Corporation
Size: Varies with device
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Microsoft Word Review

Microsoft Word has been one of the most influent applications in the world since it’s appeared. It’s the default for documents now and probably for long. And it’s great documents can be now done on mobiles, with perfectly compatible formatting and rendering!

Design and Usability 10/10

Strange as it sounds, it’s the very Word we have got used to, with its menus above (rather layered than ribbon-like) and document field, especially on tablets. On phones, you’ll have to deal with menus in the place of the keyboard sometimes.

As for rendering docs created on other devices, I remember my brother showing off his Qtek with Windows Mobile back in 2007, right before iPhone hit the market. He was always dissatisfied with Office files distorted and corrupted after opening them on a Qtek. Now he says he wishes he had such a device in his youth, so he could write his articles and columns wherever he went. 

Key Functions 10/10

Word is for editing documents, it’s an axiom. Along with formatting, it offers lots of other features, like embedding media and hyperlinks, analyzing stats, interacting with other Office apps (namely Excel and PowerPoint), offering stats on your documents, spellchecking, and so on.

It’s integrated with other Microsoft products as well. You can have all your documents synced throughout your devices on OneDrive, opening them with Word on each of them. You can send your docs via email or share access to cloud files right from Word.

Among its extras, I’d point out its PDF support. You don’t need an extra app for viewing PDF documents now.

On the other hand, there are numerous complaints by those trying to use the free version without subscription. The app may have issues with saving files locally, opening documents in languages other than English, and so on. Cloud synchronization helps to overcome this due to extra processing on Microsoft servers; as for me, I never suffered from that, but there are reports though.

Security & App Purchases 9/10

Microsoft seems the least scandalous major IT company recently, and now that it focuses on its apps and services for other platforms, it seems true. At least, I feel sure that Microsoft won’t let my password leak unless I expose it somehow. 

Word is free as long as you use it on devices with screens under 10.1”, so is OneDrive. But if you want to edit documents on a large tablet (like iPad Pro 10.5) or a desktop, you’ll need an Office 365 subscription. Along with the Office license key, it brings 1 TB on OneDrive, 60 minutes of SkypeOut, and your data is protected with recovery and encryption features. I think it’s worth $6.99/month, as I’d lose more if I can’t work on my laptop away from home.


Word is still a must if you deal with documents. If you do it sporadically, you may be okay with Google Docs. But if formatting, syncing, local and cloud work equally matters for you. Word is the choice.


  • If you do docs rarely, you’ll be good with Google Docs
  • Formatting is not as rich as that of desktop versions
  • Without subscription, it’s harder than you think


  • Word documents and PDF support
  • Fully compatible with the desktop version
  • Feature-rich
  • Integrated with OneDrive and other MS Office software
  • Free for devices under 10.1”

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 9

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