The Room

The Room
Author: Fireproof Games
Size: Varies with device
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The Room Puzzle Game Review

The Room is now a classical puzzle game, a mixture of mystery and intellectual challenge, with a shadow of horror. Now it’s considered a classic title, with many fans that remember it, as well as new players.

Graphics and Sound 10/10

Though The Room was released in 2013, it still looks great in 2019, on Full HD or even QHD screens. The sound contributes to overall immersion, adding mystical notes; though don’t hurry to connect your best headphones, because it works great anyway. Though the environment is quite scrimpy, the objects you find in the room are drawn with great love to details, colors and shadows, textures and handwriting. It’s a pure joy to make your mind work in a class like this.

Controls 9/10

Not as intuitive as we might expect, the control part is still typical for most puzzle quest games like this. The tutorial shows you what to drag onto a keyhole, how to push a button, or how to use a wrench. But if you find something not obvious enough, there’s a reason for it. This type of game is supposed to contain some mystery, and it’s about what you need to do as well as about how to do it, Assume it’s all a part of the puzzle. The only hint we afford is that sometimes you’ll have to use your device’s gyroscope.

Gameplay 10/10

The story begins in a traditional way: you’re in a mysterious room, reading a note in a box on the stand. There is a key that must fit some keyhole you’re about to find; and there is a lens you must insert into your goggles to see the other side of the material world. This ammunition is enough to explore the mysterious side. As you advance with your research, you will find more and more tools and objects to use on the next puzzles.

After a tutorial that makes a good puzzle by itself, you’re entering another room, and then again, and again. Each room contains a mysterious object that turns out to be not as simple as it seems. It would be an unforgivable spoiler to tell more about their nature, but the fact of the mystery existing is already revealed by its genre. You’ll have to go through lots of trials and errors, and that’s the fun.

Lasting Appeal 3/10

Once you have solved the puzzle, it loses all its mystery, and returning to it makes no sense. It’s the common feature of the whole genre, so rather than replaying The Room, you might rather turn to some other game. That’s the way it works. And that’s why The Room disappoints with being this short. But you can share this game with a friend of yours you have to leave alone for some time, and that’s quite a reason to keep this game on your device after you’re through.


Released in 2013, The Room still fascinates six years after, in spite of the incredible mobile gaming progress. As it’s built around mind work, it keeps its pleasure in the face of rivals released after. Still compatible with all modern Android devices, it stands the competition due to its beautiful graphics and tricky puzzles combining into a greater one. So, welcome!


  • The game is rather short
  • Once you’ve finished it, it’s no fun to replay


  • Dazzling puzzles
  • Mystical atmosphere
  • Low system requirements and almost absolute compatibility

Graphics and Sound 10

Controls 9

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 3

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