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Granny Review

Granny is definitely one of the spookiest arcades you have ever played. You have to get out of granny’s house, which she locked. The mission is almost impossible since she hears every noise you make, and all you can is hide before she comes.

Graphics and Sound 7/10

Graphics in the game could be much much better. Instead, it is really primitive. Like in bad retro games, where everyone and everything looks like squares or boxes put on boxes. There is not so much furniture in the room, and granny does not look like a human at all.

Still, it has an atmosphere of a scary game. Everything is dark, colored in brown and black colors mainly. Sounds are very good. The loud heart beating deserves our attention. It makes this game more intense.

Controls 10/10

This is the first person game, so you have to learn how to navigate yourself before granny appears. It is not that hard anyway. You will need to look around a lot, so you’ll have to swipe the screen and change direction you look in.

Character movements are easy to navigate with a white dot controller and swiping anywhere you want. Just imagine that white circle is your joystick. The ability to crouch down may be crucial when granny is close. Tap icon of the person in the left high corner for crouching down and again for standing up.

When the hand appears you can use it to open doors and shut them. It will be handy when you have to hide in the wardrobe.

Gameplay 9/10

It is highly not recommended for children younger than 10 years old. There are too many bloody scenes in the game and scary moments that may want you to jump up. Spooky granny looks like a corpse, similar to her scary pet.

You can build a strategy, distract the granny and leave the house. After some time, granny becomes really predictable, and you learn when she will come. Make some noise in the room, it may help.

She is holding a bloody bat in her hands, and since she finds you, don’t ask for her forgiveness it wouldn’t help. All you have is 5 days to get out of the house. There are raw meets hanging from ceiling and pools of blood. After granny fins you, there is blood spatter on the screen. If you are easily impressed, take these recommendations in your mind.

Lasting Appeal 8/10

Once you already cracked the game, it may be a little repetitive. Granny does not have any new moves, and there is only one door out. Still, it is always a good opportunity to accelerate your heart race and live through these terrifying events again.


Granny is a nice way to stay awake during the night if you have to. It is scary, atmospheric, not really that sophisticated by appealing in many ways. It definitely has its creepy bloody survival charm.

You may try to be creative and outwit ugly looking old woman with cannibalistic proclivity. But no matter you do in the game, think fast and act even faster. It is a pity, there is no option to play together with friends.


  • Graphics are poor
  • Predictable villain.


  • The true atmosphere of a scary house
  • Great sounds in the game.

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 10

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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