ElfYourself® By Office Depot

ElfYourself® By Office Depot
Author: Magic Mirror LLC
Size: 80M
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ElfYourself Review: Have Fun!

ElfYourself is an entertainment application, which allows creating elves with human faces. You can use photos of different people and upload them with a dancing elf video just for fun. There is no need in registration or providing any personal information in order to get access to the service. Everything is easy and aimed at having a great time. It was launched within the framework of marketing campaign dedicated for Christmas holiday season in 2006. Since that there have been several releases with updated options.

Design and Usability 10/10

Being developed by Evolution Bureau and empowered by site JibJab this humorous app is very popular now, though it is not of any particular usage value. The design is highly marked by the users. The app includes augmented reality and a list of 19 dances, but only a couple of them is for free. The full package can be bought at the price of $5.99. When you download the service, the home screen appears, asks to permit notifications and to provide access to your camera and Photos app. You give this permission. Then you start working at elves choosing photos and adjusting the placement of a face following instruction. The rest is made by the application itself automatically. And Presto! You’ve got a dancing elf with your own face! Perhaps it would be more interesting, if there are more dances for free or at least the charge is in the form of a one-time fee and not as an in-app purchase set-up.

Key Functions 10/10

The options are rather easy to apply. At the first stage, you choose any JPEG or PNG picture you like from your iPhoto or Facebook account. It is allowed to change the photo: rotate it or zoom so that it could fit an elf’s face. Then you find theme and music you want to hear in a video. Combine all together and get mini elves dancing according to a chosen rhythm of country, hip-hop or others genres. You are allowed to change music for the already made video. There can be up to five elves in one film, and the faces may be the same or different. Just imagine! Five copies of yourself! You can share this fun video with your friends sending it via e-mail. But you should download this photo to your PC or another device, and that will cost $4.99. Creating and watching a video within the app is free.

Security 9/10

As far as a user is not expected to leave any personal data within this app, there is no need to protect it from a third party. The videos can be seen only by their developer. There are no options which allow inviting other people to see the self-made product.


Elf Yourself is a popular fun application that is able to get into the spirit of the holidays without many efforts. It will certainly bring a smile to anybody’s face if he sees those dancing figures. Just share the video and enjoy the result.


  • A lot of advertisement
  • There are in-app purchases.


  • Perfectly safe for children
  • Easy to download and use
  • Develop creativity.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 9

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