About Us

Ann Vales
co-founder, marketer and idea maker
Trending topics in different fields are the lovely things that I'm interested. Apps and games are so close to us in our life. Every new trend or idea in that field could change the way we use to interact with the world. So I think It's useful to be in touch with trending apps and collect them together at upcomagazine.com.
  • Writer
  • Word Ninja
  • Wine Drinker
  • Jack Russel Owner
Elsa Dekker
co-founder, developer, mobile fan
Mobile devices are making considerable changes in our reality. It is so usual in our lives that we can't feel how important it becomes. New mobile ideas change the world - I believe in it.
  • Web Developer
  • Pixel Hussie
  • Beer Drinker
  • South Park Fan