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Microsoft Translator Review

For all Windows 10 users, Microsoft offers its original translator app. Unlike third-party ones, Microsoft Translator is integrated with other Microsoft apps and services, so with it, you get the most out of this integration.

Design and Usability 9/10

The interface of the app is very intuitive. As you launch it for the first time, it shows you a brief guide, explaining its key features. After that, you get to the main window of two sections: input and output. The translated text can be copied to clipboard, shared with any supported app or spoken aloud with TTS engine.

The app has nothing to explore further than you can see on its main screen. But it’s easy to make out. The settings include dark theme, live tile, choice of male or female voice to speak the text, and a set of regional dialects for most popular languages. Cloud translation mode includes optional profanity filter. This covers most needs of regular users.

Key Functions 9/10

The most traditional way of using the app is simple: you type or paste the original text in the input section and select its language if necessary. After the almost instant processing, the app displays the translation. For most popular languages you can also use voice recognition, but it doesn’t always get you right, so if you prefer this method, speak slowly and be prepared to correct the input manually when finished.

Integrated OCR engine is capable of text recognition, so just drag the image upon Translator window to translate the text on it. Touchscreen devices add another dimension. You can handwrite the text with a stylus or just your finger, and chances are the app will recognize it correctly with Windows Ink engine. In fact, it supports mouse writing as well, but it’s not as easy.

Being attached to your Windows Live account, the app can be used across all your devices seamlessly to keep a nonstop conversation. If you’re offline, you can use your pre-downloaded offline dictionaries.

Last but not least: power users will benefit from utilizing Cortana power within the app. You can launch it right while translating.

Security and In-App Purchases 10/10

The app offers some downloadable content, but all of it is for free. You can download language packs and dictionaries to be able to translate texts even when offline. Voice packs for TTS engine are already included. So the app won’t ask you for money (though fees may apply for external services you use it with).

Your personal data is completely safe. Texts, images, and audio you submit through the app are only used to improve provided services, no danger here.


Microsoft Translator is a decent app for everyday usage that covers most needs. You may experience some troubles with its speech recognition, especially if you have to speak a foreign language with a noticeable accent. But the rest of modes can provide you results correct enough.

The app is great for Windows users sticking to its native services. Microsoft adds more modes and supported languages constantly, and the translator AI is learning. With an easy interface, offline mode and a small list of the most necessary options, this app is a great everyday choice.


  • Voice recognition far from perfect


  • Various input methods, including images recognition
  • Offline dictionaries
  • Multilingual conversations
  • History stored in the cloud
  • Syncing across your devices

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 9

Security 10

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