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Facebook Review

The most influential social network of the 2010s offers its official app for Windows 10. The app is feature-packed, and power users can switch to it instead of using Facebook in a browser tab. Even if you got used to its web interface, there are reasons to use it.

Design and Usability 10/10

While the app mostly mirrors how Facebook page is displayed in a browser, it has some differences. The menus, dialogs and quick links are comfortably brought to sides, leaving the center to your feed or separate posts.

It may be confusing to see your Messenger dialogs in the right, without actual Messenger functionality, but, as you have both apps installed, this integration does the work, showing you all new messages but not urging you to answer them.

Though some may complain that the app lacks its own Messenger, it’s taken out for the purpose. The app notifies you when someone sends a message, but it asks you to install the separate Messenger app instead of letting you at least read it. This resembles the way mobile Facebook apps are made, but with no FB Lite to combine both. The same is with games, available in Gameroom. The core features are made perfectly, close to browser experience but with all benefits of a standalone app.

Key Functions 10/10

After logging in you can do anything Facebook is meant for. Read your feed and publish your own statuses, upload photos and receive notifications, comment on anyone’s statuses, answer what others write to you, and so on.

You can also fully control your profile: change your data (according to Facebook’s policy, of course), select the language for displaying, manage feed preferences, and so on. In Settings, you can set up notifications, edit your personal data, and do the things you do in Settings on the web page.

The app has been freed from Messenger, as we said; neither can you access your favorite Facebook games. They require a separate app, named Facebook Gameroom.

Security and In-App Purchases 7/10

Being free for regular users, Facebook will readily take your money if you want to promote yourself or your business. The app has Payment section and Mobile Ads Manager, both hidden in Payment Settings. So if you have a page to advertise, you can do it from the app easily.

Security-wise there were some issues and personal data licks back in 2018: we are all well aware of the tremendous security breach and the scandal around it. Though, Facebook team is taking action to provide more security to user’s personal data, be careful with the information you post and provide to the service. At least make sure your password is strong enough.


Facebook app offers nothing that browser experience can’t have. Still installing the app makes sense for various reasons. Some may find it closer to mobile experience, especially on touchscreen devices. Others may want to keep their browsers Facebook-free for safer browsing, for concentrating on work, or for any other reason. The app is self-sufficient and brings the complete Facebook functionality, including advertising features and saving pictures.

We’re not sure whether separate Messenger and Gameroom apps are a “pro” or a “con”; let’s just accept the way it’s made.

Facebook app is done the right way. With all the core features, it leaves messaging and gaming for separate apps, available for those using them. All the other users get the essential Facebook functionality, requiring no heavy browser and not interfering with other online activity.


  •  Maybe you are good with the browser version


  • The app is self-sufficient and full-featured
  • All the features of public social activity are available
  • Messenger and Gameroom are installed separately but integrated with the core app

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 7

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