Currency Converter

Currency Converter
Author: Imploded Software
Category: Personal finance
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Currency Converter Review

Though more and more developers drop Windows Phone support, leaving their apps and users bereft and marooned, there are those who stay, in spite of constant support needed. Apps like Currency Converter are nothing if not supported by external data sources. This one works in 2019 and does it well.

Design and Usability 10/10

Most Windows Phone apps are made according to the guidelines that make them look so similar to each other and unified with WP interface. Currency Converter makes no exception. If not for its specific functions, it would have looked like a native app, a part of the original Windows Phone set.

Even if your phone is very old (in fact, all Windows Phones can be considered old by 2019), you won’t experience any trouble with this app. If offers all you need. Selecting currencies is easy, conversion happens in a blink, and you don’t even have to be online (though the accuracy of offline conversion is not granted). Yet no one can grant you stable work of Windows Phone 8 as an OS, as officially it’s dead.

Key Functions 9/10

The app isn’t meant for complicated calculation, but the elementary conversion from one currency to another causes no problem. One operation at a time, you enter the sum and select the original currency, and then the one you want to convert it to. Under the latter, you’ll see the sum in the target currency.

There’s a lot of work beyond this simplicity. The app updates the rates hourly, as you’re online. Lately, the developers finally implied the offline mode: if the app can’t refresh the rates, it utilizes the latest stored ones. You can go offline on purpose, clicking the dots and preventing the app from attempts to get connected.

For any currency pair, the app stores rates and shows their progress as a graph. So you can easily select it and see the tendencies. Of course, professional Forex brokers have more advanced tools at their disposal, but if you’re not one of them, this info will be enough for you to make some conclusions and decide on buying, selling or holding.

List of currencies supported constantly expands, embracing new types, like cryptocurrencies. So, if you’re still into Bitcoin, after all, you can track its rates on real time.

Security and In-App Purchases 10/10

Being free, the app offers no locked features to be unlocked after you pay once or subscribe. On the other hand, that makes the developers free of any obligations, and they can drop its support at any given moment, owing nothing to its users. We believe there are reasons you still hold on to your Windows Phone, but it gets less and less stable.

In terms of security, the app doesn’t require much of your personal information, so you are ok here.


So far so good, the app does its job, fitting into WP ecosystem and looking like a native app. If you really need a currency converter for Windows Phone, this is certainly a good option.

There’s little competition today in Windows Phone/Mobile world; but this Currency Converter gets the job done well.


  • It may get abandoned at any moment


  • The app still works on Windows Phone 8
  • Currency list and rates constantly updated
  • Easy interface

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 9

Security 10

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