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Calculator+ Review

While simplest regular calculators are only capable of arithmetical operations, scientific or engineering ones are much more powerful. They support basic algebra and calculus, and sometimes feature graphical functions. Calculator+ is the latter kind, with various advanced abilities.

Design and Usability 10/10

Being an advanced scientific calculator, this app can seem too complicated for an unversed. But pros will make it out easily. For the sake of versatility, Calculator+ has different interface modes. As you enter any specific area (like matrix or lists), you’re first shown an instruction on it.

In Settings, you can adjust text size, select dark or light theme, set up keyboard color scheme, activate or deactivate keyboard vibration (for touch mode) or sounds. Essential settings include angle units, number of significant digits, coordinate grid and general graphing settings.

It supports different methods of input. You can set up the virtual keyboard the way you like it, combine it with hardware input, tap the buttons swipe them, or use long press to access hidden functions.

Last but not least: the app is available in different languages, so you won’t have to translate the terminology.

The app takes a bit of time to get used to. It differs from even the most advanced hardware calculators because computers offer more advanced experience and menu building options. But those who know what this app is for will make it out easily.

Key Functions 10/10

The calculations you can do with this app are as varied as can be, and it takes more professional software to outrun it. The app is capable of trigonometrical, algebraic, matrix calculations, calculus functions, and complex number operations. It also supports various calculation modes, including BIN, HEX and OCT. Built-in equation solver only requires you to enter the equation.

The calculator supports plug-ins, like CAS module or graphing section. Functions with user variables are also supported. You can set them with a special menu available right from the home page.

The functions you use frequently can be stored in the calculator memory. They’re easy to read from it the next time you need them.

As we’ve said, the calculator is equipped with graphing features, so it can display plots for your functions. It can display plots of Cartesian, polar, parametric or implicit functions.

Security and In-App Purchases 10/10

There is nothing to buy for many in this app. All its functions are available for free, as you install it. Calculator+ doesn’t need any sensitive personal data, so it’s completely safe to use.


For most calculations including algebra, matrices, basic calculus and basic graphing, Calculator+ will suffice. But if you only need arithmetical operations, you better select a simpler app.

Most students, many engineers, and scientists will be quite satisfied with this app. Calculator+ offers a wide range of modes, enters various sections of mathematics, and can be equipped with more plug-ins to get even more powerful, so check the updates.


  • Too complicated if you don’t need a scientific calculator


  • Scientific calculator functions
  • Graphing
  • Plug-ins support
  • Rich interface settings
  • User functions and variables

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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